• 2009-01-21
For me the interesting thing was that though people who gathered near the government building were peaceful (in contrast to those who "attacked" the parliament), but none of the officials from the Government came out to meet the protesters.

OK, I'm not saying that it was a duty of the Prime Minister, but I'm sure he had to send his representative to talk with all those people who were exercising their constitutional right to criticize the government. Instead, the Prime Minister A. Kubilius broadcasted his condemnation of the organizers of this demonstration (mainly trade-unions).

Taken in account that all the anti-crisis measures were developed without any consultations with the public, mostly in meetings held late at night, a decision to ignore the protesters seems sequential and, I'd say, symbolic. That is why I think more protests will be forthcoming, as people are faced with total disregard. At the same time it shows that though A. Kubilius likes to think about himself as a western-oriented politician, he acts just like a typical Soviet style leader.


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