Mass riots follow protest- Emergency declared

  • 2009-01-13
  • TBT Staff

What was planned to be a peaceful protest soon turned into a mass mob. Photo: Toms Baugis

RIGA-Whatbegan as a calm 10,000 strong protest in Dome Square has turned into a riot.Following the peaceful demonstration, thousands of demonstrators mobbed theparliament building and have destroyed several police cars.

Protestorshave also broken into a Balzams liquor store and are currently looting thegeneral vicinity around the parliament.

Medics report that eight people have been injured so far, asrioting continues into the night.

 A state of emergency has been declared by police as theyreport that drunk youths are still vandalizing the Old Town of Riga.

 Early in the evening, a mob tried to break into theParliament building by breaking windows and were held back with police teargas.

 With shouts of "Dissolve the Saeima" the protestors attempted tostorm into the parliament building.

Therally earlier had been held to protest the Saeima and to demand the dissolutionof its current members.