• 2009-01-07
Should any of your readers have the misfortune to fall ill, might I suggest they do so in Tallinn over Christmas? I had not wanted to trouble a hospital with my problem, but felt it could not wait from December 23 to 29, during which time all the private clinics remained firmly closed. I therefore attended Tallinn Central Hospital on December 26 and was amazed at the speed and efficiency with which I was handled. x-rays and blood tests were taken and prescriptions issued all within two hours. The staff on duty all spoke good English and all had time to be friendly. The bill was €50 and even this I would not have had to pay had I brought photographic ID as well as my EU Health Card.

Thanks as well are due to the Boulevard Cafe at the Hotel Olümpia too for offering full service throughout the Christmas period. Whilst many of their competitors did not bother to open, they were deservedly having an excellent day. Mixing my first antibiotics with their catering, provided a very congenial way to start my return to normality!

Neil Taylor
Bradt Guides

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