• 2008-12-03
The arrest of Dmitrijs Smirnovs is a real shame for Latvians and certainly for me, a descendant of Latvian parents, born and living in Belgium. I hope there will be a thorough investigation by Latvian authorities and that those responsible will be punished and put to trial. Otherwise, the Latvian government must be sued, because there can't be any dispute that this way of acting is a transgression of European law i.e. Latvian law.

If necessary, I want to come to Latvia to defend the most essential value of democracy: the right of freedom of opinion and of speech. Perhaps if a Belgian citizen of Latvian descent mobilizes the international press and gives a press conference before the statue of "liberty" about the possible devaluation of the Latvian lat this can make a difference...

Jean Paklons
Arendonk, Belgium


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