Stranded Balts in Thailand to return

  • 2008-12-02
  • In cooperation with BNS

Protests in Thailands Bangkok airports upset travelers and cost the country millions.

BANGKOK- Of the over 200 Balticcitizens still stranded in besieged Bangkok airports, about 160 are set toreturn as the situation improves.

The head of Latvia's Emanija Travel agency, IngusTuns, told BNS that his clients will be flown out of a military airport not farfrom Bangkok to Turkey, where they will be flown home onDec. 4.

The head also reported thatairline ticket prices sky-rocketed on the black market with a single ticketcosting an estimated 1,000 euro.

However, some 142 residentsof Estonia will remain in Thailand with no word from the Foreign Ministryon their estimated return.

Travelers not associatedwith a travel agency are finding themselves in an increasingly tough situation,as agencies can only help their own clients. Individuals have reported tryingto contact airline companies but have been unable to reach representatives,said Tuns.  

Despite the situation,travel agencies report that people are still applying for trips to Thailand, saying that the troubles are onlytemporary and plan to travel late December.

Supporters of Thailand's political opposition have blockedthe two international airports in Bangkok since Nov. 26., paralyzing operationsand leaving thousands of air passengers stranded. Thai authorities declared thestate of emergency at both airports on Thursday, but the protesters are stillrefusing to disperse, while the Thai police are abstaining from using force.