In defense of Obama

  • 2008-11-27
Reading some of the skeptical and outright hostile comments regarding the election of our new President Barack Obama, I can't help but respond.  It seems that some people have overlooked, or quite frankly preferred not to notice, the jubilant crowds in the streets of American cities 's young and old, black and white 's all celebrating the long-awaited change that has finally come to this country, and indeed the whole world, following eight years of the extremely unpopular and detrimental Bush policies. 

No doubt, President-Elect Barack Obama will have to prove that he can keep his numerous promises to make the lives of the American people better and to turn a friendlier face to the rest of the world than we have seen from the outgoing administration.  Let's give him a chance and not judge him through the prism of narrow-mindedness, bigotry and prejudice!  There are now more important things for everyone to do, rather than worry about such divisive issues as abortion rights and gay marriage!  Being so judgmental about Barack Obama even before he was inaugurated is blatant unfairness to say the least!

Paul A. Nogid
Washington, DC


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