• 2008-11-19
In response to 'The False Prophet' (Issue No. 631)

Dear Mr. Kokoski,
I would like to start by saying that your letter was, in itself, a paradoxically compelling argument for pro-abortion policy. To allow someone so bewilderingly stupid to develop to an age where they can vocalize that stupidity is a genuine tragedy.
Slander aside, I'd like to make a few points.

Has it ever occurred to you that outside of your cushy Ontario existence there lie people living (or failing to live) with disease, famine and warfare? If you're so concerned with the value of human life, might it not be such a bad idea to invest some time and effort into saving those who already exist? Or does your God simply turn his back on the third world?

The last thing the world needs is a greater population, we've long ago overstepped the mark where human life was sustainable on earth, and increasing the birthrate in rich consumerist societies such as Canada will only result in an increased demise of the planet's resources. 
"Obama also fully supports contraceptives and homosexuality which thwarts the natural generation of life and which is the anti-thesis of the family."

You claim that "without the right to life no other human right makes sense," and yet conversely what's the point in the right to life if you cannot live it as you wish? The freedom to be homosexual or to use contraceptives is an explicitly personal right which has no place in political jurisdiction. 
"Rather than favoring prayer in schools, he advocates the distribution of condoms."
And why exactly should there be prayer in schools? Religion and education should have entirely autonomous social functions; if prayer is a mandatory aspect to education you're not only enforcing a prescribed religion regardless of individual will, you're indoctrinating.

It's such a shame that finally the U.S. has a left-leaning, progressive President and oh so predictably redneck imbeciles like yourself come crawling out of the woodwork.

Anton Beavis,


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