• 2008-11-19
American Democracy is out and Socialism is in!  Americans have nowhere to run!  And the Baltic countries have lost an ally.
 My Lithuanian ancestors traveled to America to escape the socialist/communist government take over.  To invade their country, the bad guys simply disposed of their opposition and rigged elections. In America we have "voter fraud" and "character assassination. 

 Barack Hussein Obama will become America's next leader. I refrain from using the word President elect for two reasons.  First, it is believed that he is not a U.S. citizen. A lawsuit is pending, demanding that he produce a valid birth certificate, which so far, he refuses to do.  Secondly, thirteen U.S. states are under F.B.I. investigation for voter fraud orchestrated by an organization with the acronym A.C.O.R.N. where Obama has links. So it is doubtful that Obama won the election honestly or that he got a majority vote.
 Americans, understanding the true meaning of a socialist, knows Obama to be one.  In his autobiography he readily admits to his association with a man who was his mentor during his younger years.  That man was a self admitted communist.

 A large segment of the American population is angry, fearful and embarrassed to have Obama as President.  He has links to American terrorists who were responsible for bombings and killings of innocent American citizens decades ago.   The list grows with his links to anti-American associations who admittedly hate America. 

 Some of our great American leaders once said that "America can only be destroyed from within." Obama is taking America down that path! 
Dianne Foster/American and Lithuanian descendent


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