Eesti in brief - 2008-11-05

  • 2008-11-05
An unclear economic situation has forced leasing companies to tighten conditions, which is in turn leading to reduced car sales. Banks are tightening the possibilities for car leasing conditions. The rate of self-financing is increasing and the evaluation of the paying capacity of the potential buyer is becoming more conservative. Within the first three quarters of the present year vehicle sales around Estonia have decreased by 15 percent.  According to Indrek Julge, the CEO of SEB Leasing, self-financing might increase to 20-25 percent, up from the present 10-15 percent. He also mentioned that the bank is carefully analyzing each clients financial abilities in order to decrease bank risks. Last year, about 80 percent of client's were receiving a positive decision on leasing; now it is approximately only half.

A female drug dealer has been arrested in the Tallinn airport. A 25-year-old Somalia woman, who is a Finnish citizen, was arrested last week in Tallinn after arriving from London. Customs officers found 16.6 kg of the prohibited plant khat. Khat is a plant containing high drug substances. This week, the district court of Harjumaa gave a sanction to take the woman into custody.

A new advertising legislation amendment has taken effect in Estonia. From Nov. 1 the advertising of alcohol, casinos and SMS-credits has been heavily restricted.  Advertising on the TV and radio is allowed only at night, covers of the printed media are no longer allowed to have alcohol promotion and all alcohol advertising will have to bear a warning. Advertising casinos and gambling games are completely prohibited, with exception of the ferries and within the casinos. SMS-credits must provide full information of the cost of the service

Tallinn is set to host two international forums 's the XIII Forum of the Open society and a session of the Council of Europe at which EU-Russian relations will be discussed. Because of high levels of interest in society, the conference is to be translated over the Internet. "This will allow us to expand the [number of people that can listen to the event] and introduce all to the principles of the coordinated external politics of EU," explained Mall Hellam, managing director of the Estonian Open fond. Participants are going to discuss the election results in the U.S. and how it will affect EU external politics as well as relations with Russia.