Center-right parties agree on coalition

  • 2008-10-27
  • TBT Staff in cooperation with BNS

Andrius Kubilius' Homeland Union will head the coalition with 44 seats in the 141 member Parliament.

VILNIUS 's Leadersof four Lithuanian center-right parties have signed an agreement on forming anew ruling coalition.

Heads of the Homeland Union-Lithuanian Christian Democrats,the National Resurrection Party, the Liberal Movement and the Liberal andCentrist Union signed the document to create a ruling coalition on Monday.

"Our first job is to audit the current situation," chairman of theHomeland Union Andrius Kubilius told the media after signing the jointdeclaration.

In their first statements to the media after forming the coalition, partyleaders focused on passing a budget and reversing the country's recent economicdecline.

"We see it necessary to review the draft budget as prepared by thegovernment with due scrutiny," Kubilius said.

"The condition of the country and Lithuanian people is aggravated by the fact that no preventativemeasures were taken to mitigate the consequences of the crisis in due time,resulting in huge deficits in the national and Sodra's budgets and can possiblylead to a sharp decline in the growth of the gross national product," thejoint declaration from Andrius Kubilius, Arunas Valinskas, Eligijus Masiulisand Arturas Zuokas reads.

According to the initial data, the four-party coalition will have at least79 votes at the parliament of 141 seats.

The tentative results of the second round of elections show that theHomeland Union will have 44 seats, the National Resurrection Party will take 16seats, the Lithuanian LiberalMovement won 11 seats, and the Liberal and Centrist Union took 8 seats in theparliament.