Agrowill in new share issue

  • 2008-08-13
  • By Mike Collier
VILNIUS - Lithuanian agricultural company Agrowill has confirmed a new public offering of its shares.

A company statement issued via the Vilnius stock exchange on August 12th confirmed Agrowill will offer investors 1,545,015 Agrowill Group shares "as soon as possible and enable them to trade the acquired shares immediately after [the] public offering (PO)."

Finasta Rizikos Valdymas will conclude an agreement with Invalda AB, a shareholder of Agrowill Group, on borrowing 1,545,015 shares of the previous issue. Finasta Rizikos Valdymas will then offer these shares through underwriters by means of a PO.

The PO of Agrowill Group shares will begin within 5 business days after publishing the prospectus approved by the Lithuanian Securities Commission, and the shares will be offered for at least 4 business days.All investors will be offered shares at a fixed price of LTL 5.80 (EUR 1.68) per share. Each investor may apply for a maximum of LTL 50,000 (EUR 14,481) worth of shares.

With Agrowill regarded as one of the best-organised agricultural companies in the Baltic and with the long-term outlook for agricultural commodities looking good, the PO should prove popular among the investment community, even in the current economic climate.