Raise in salaries not a priority- Latvian PM

  • 2008-08-06
  • In cooperation with BNS

Photo: Vangelis Thomaidis

RIGA 's Latvian Prime Minister Ivars Godmanis said that the likelihoodof a pay raise for all public sector workers was none this year in an interviewon Latvian National Television.

The PM went on to say that the plans and promises to thepublic workers were made during a time of a more vibrant economy when inflationwas not as high as it is currently.

The increases, promised for next year, will be put off forlonger, with the final pay off being much lower than promised.

Godmanis said that the government's priority in the matteris that personal purchasing capacity is not lessened.

Workers are already unhappy about the situation as thebudget capacity is already lower than workers anticipated.

The government plans to speak to and work together with theunions about the matter.

The government budget for next year is in the preliminarystages, with plans for a two percent growth. However, international financialexperts predict it to be lower.