Tallinn now cheaper than Riga; pricier than Vilnius

  • 2008-07-25
  • In cooperation with Mercer research corps

Photo: Steve Jurvetson

TALLINN- According to Baltic Business News, Tallinn gives you more bang for your buck than does Riga. In a recent study, conducted by research firm Mercer, the ranking for living in the Baltics was listed as follows: Riga first for most expensive, then Tallinn and lastly, Vilnius. The cheapest city listed was Asuncion in Paraguay. The most expensive city for living is still Moscow, and comparatively speaking, Tallinn is 1.6 times cheaper. Now at number 76, Tallinn is getting more expensive. In 2007, the research firm ranked Tallinn at number 90 in terms of living expenses.

Living expenses include cost of housing, food prices and fuel.  

Mercer attributed some changes in the rankings to the weakening U.S. dollar and an increase in fossil fuel prices.