Delays of Lisbon Treaty not to affect EU expansion

  • 2008-07-17
  • In cooperation with Estonian Ministry of Foreign Affairs

Photo: Maureen Jameson

TALLINN- Estonian Foreign Minister Urmas Paet stated at a meeting of the European Union nations' Ministers for European Affairs in Brest, France, that the delays in the implementation of the Lisbon Treaty should not interfere with the progress  of European Union expansion.

In his speech, Foreign Minister Paet stated that ambiguous messages to EU candidates could cause disappointment in those countries and cause setbacks in their reform process.

"Whatever the case, we must continue our discussions with the candidate nations with the same pace as previously outlined. Similarly, we must explain more effectively the contents of the Lisbon Treaty to European communities," he said. Paet also said he hoped Croatia would become a European Union member within a few years, though discussions must also continue with other candidates.

The foreign minister noted that all countries halfway through the ratification process of the Lisbon Treaty affirmed that they will continue with the ratification in order to bring the necessary processes to a conclusion this year.

"In this context it is important that a standpoint in terms of the Lisbon Treaty can be shaped at the meeting of government leaders in October," said Paet.