Upscale hotel opened in Tallinn

  • 1999-07-01
  • By Kairi Kurm
TALLINN – The Schlossle Hotel Group has opened its third hotel in the Baltics. The Park Consul St. Petersburg Hotel in Tallinn received its first guests June 17.
Following its concept to provide an alternative to large impersonal post-Soviet hotels, the Schlossle Group sets up its hotels in historic city centers of Tallinn and Riga.
The group also owns Estonia's only five-star hotel, Park Consul Schlossle and is reconstructing the Ridzene Hotel in Riga.
"All three hotels are of a high quality and each unique in a different way," said Paul Oberschneider, chairman of the Schlossle Hotel Group. "We really are catering to a completely different market group."
Oberschneider said it was hard to do everything up to international standards because the hotel was set up in an old building that had to be reconstucted. The St. Petersburg Hotel does not have an elevator and has limited parking space, but it boasts beautiful art deco architecture.
"As most of what we do is a bit like a theater, we create a concept that provides our guests with a common theme throughout," said Oberschneider.
The five-star Park Consul Schlossle is furnished in medieval style, and the architecture of the hotel in Riga will reflect turn of the century Russian design.
The group is also planning to set up new hotels in Lithuania and Poland.