Why The Hypocrisy?

  • 2008-03-19
It is rather strange, but when comparing indicators of economics and education in Estonia, you may think that you are in two different countries. On economic freedom, it prides itself with all rights, to be among the highest in Europe.

On educational freedom it seems to continues to hold to the idea, which the country since August 1991, on all other issues, have tried so hard and with great success,  to rid itself of, namely state monopoly. Why does the Estonian government behave monopolistic in education and so opposite to all other areas of political, social and economic life, seemingly favoring only the state institutions such as TU and TTU?

Even to the extent that one might expect the outcome before the process starts! It would almost be as if one asked a competitor, such as Vilnius Prekyba to evaluate Rimi concerning the renewed license of continued running and operating food stores in Estonia. Why not "let the thousand flowers bloom" and let the students make their own choice? Why not let the students, the business community, prospective and present faculty, together with cooperating universities and business schools be the final judge as to quality and attractiveness? If our doctoral program is not satisfactory, people will go other places and it will close itself down! But as already mentioned, it is, both in scope and quality! I do not wish to attack TU or TTU, rather whishing them the best and we will be more than happy to cooperate with them, both regarding our doctoral program and all other areas of education when fit and feasible. But on equal terms.

However, our program leaves little to be desired compared to theirs! we expect the willingness of fair and open competition as known in all other areas of political, economic and social life, together with fair and reasonable behavior both to us as a institution and the people who work and study here in order for all parties to be able to plan their future with a reasonable measure of predictability. Specifically, we ask that we may come to, for all parties, an acceptable conclusion regarding the renewed license for our doctoral program in Business Administration, in order for the students to complete the program and the university to continue building its excellent international business program.

Stein Skjorshammer, Ph.D.
School of Business
International University Audentes


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