Stand up and do something

  • 2008-02-27
Some British visitors need to find a toilet and stop peeing in public! Who cares if it is a small number of them. It's plain and simply WRONG and public pressure and awareness is the only way to STOP it.
Get the message Mr. British Ambassador - more action and fewer words in a Press Release is what's required on your part - get involved, meet some flights at the airport and have a little chat with your "???s"!
What's wrong Mr. Latvian President? Its about time someone in Latvia stood up and did something to improve the situation in Latvia.

The silence from Latvia's leaders is deafening when it comes to dealing with tough issues including reckless driving, lack of work safety practices, bad customer service, non payment of taxes, lying, cheating and on and on.
So what's right is the recent Interior Minister's willingness for once to stand up and be heard on an issue that has gone on far too long unchecked.
The British Government is basically accepting this behavior as it has gone on for hundreds of years at home and with their "traveling pigs" show.
But, that does not mean that Latvian and other countries have to stand for it.
OK, maybe the Latvian laws are too weak, so finally someone is getting angry and will push through some tougher punishment.

The Riga Rooster crows loudly in support of the Interior Minister and his comments about the peeing pigs!
Its time for all Latvians to stop hiding their heads in the sand like an Ostrich bird or swimming like a jellyfish. Get a spine and lets get going to making Latvia a stronger country!

Mike Johnson, Riga

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