A Revelation

  • 2008-02-13
I am writing in defense of Osho's books [TBT #592]. I completely agree with A. that it does not matter who wrote the book, it only matters what the ideas are. Please note that this does not mean I approve of Osho's actions, only that we should not judge the books by him personally. I have not read any of Osho's books, but I would still defend them on the principle that an idea should be judged based on the merit of the idea itself, rather than reverting to some kind of ad hominim attack and dismissing any idea out of hand. I standby the old saying: "don't shoot the messenger." I would respectfully request that your newspaper stories in the future try to be more objective and focus on the message itself, not the messenger.

Azuolas Larson
Klaipeda, Lithuania

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