Pinocchio Pedophiles

  • 2008-02-13
I am writing this letter in protest of the insane litigation which I have heard was recently taken against the National Opera House, and to register my surprise that the topic has not been raised in these pages before. It is easy to see many posters around town advertising the opera's latest work of genius; Pinocchio. As a huge fan of the National Opera and the general strong state of Opera in Latvia, I was horrified to learn that there is an assault on posters advertising the play on the grounds that they are some kind of twisted form of child pornography. The posters feature a picture of Pinocchio, turned away from the viewer, bare-bottomed. I think that these complaints say far more about the people complaining than the posters themselves.

How can one look at the picture of a naked child in a totally innocent position (similar to the old Campbell's soup advertisements) and think that it is something overtly sexual? There is nothing pornographic about these pictures, and the real problem lies with those who see something sexual in a baby's bottom.

A loving mother
Wisconsin, USA

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