• 2008-01-30
[Refers to "Really Ugly Tallinn," John Slade, Letters, TBT #590, Jan 24, 2008]
I was very much surprised that my earlier letter about the seemingly unplanned and out-of-control construction in the center of Tallinn, on which the editors of The Baltic Times tacked the title "Ugly Tallinn," drew such a vitriolic response from John Slade. "Do you really think anyone cares about breaking the skyline with glass mountains?," he writes, "Please grow up."

The obvious answer I have to give here is, yes, people do care. I care. I'm sure there are a lot of other people who care. Part of being a grown-up, I have to remind Mr. Slade, is not just whining about problems and waiting for mummy to take care of them, but actually doing something about them. This is why I'm raising the issue with the readers here, in order to find out if I'd be a lone voice in the wilderness if I raise the matter with the City Council.

Whether I'll be able to influence them without being a member of the Center Party or kissing the rear of The Rhinoceros, as the mayor is sometimes known, is yet to be seen. But at least it will be an attempt at making a change.

Karl Emerson, Tallinn

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