• 2008-01-30
Being a rationalist and a devoted atheist, I should just laugh about the contents of Mr. Klidzejs' letter [Editorial heading: "Clearing up some issues," Dainis Klidzejs, Letters, TBT #589, Jan.17, 2008]. Yet the homophobic tirade as launched by him and his shepherd, Cardinal Pujats, deserves a reply.
First of all, contrary to what both gentlemen assume, homosexuality isn't a voluntary choice. It's a gift of Mother Nature 's one is born with it. "In the end, homosexuality is not a race, or a nationality, or a religion, it's a behavior pattern," Klidzejs writes. His words could be interpreted as: discrimination on grounds of race, nationality and religious conviction is wrong (although I'm really curious what an ultra-reactionary prelate like Mr. Pujats is surreptitiously thinking about Jews and blacks), but feel free to insult fags.

It seems that Klidzejs and Pujats are not aware of the fact that Latvia and other Roman Catholic bulwarks like Lithuania and Poland have meanwhile joined the European Union, and will have to respect, underwrite and implement the EU's basic principles, equality of gay and straight being one of the most prominent. Alas, a lot of work is still to be done here 's my (Lithuanian) friend's mother wanted to send her son to a psychiatrist after her son came "out the closet."

 Of course it's utter nonsense that homosexuals want "to redefine nation's value system, the institution of marriage, or whatever else they're out to change." On the contrary, most homosexuals are hard-working people who are paying taxes so that the government is able to provide all kinds of subsidies to families (child benefit, education). So gays are in fact most tolerant and generous: they are financing other people's hobby 's producing babies 's and are never complaining about it.

But there is hope for Klidzejs and Pujats. In certain countries in Old Europe, especially in the Netherlands where I originate from, gay bashing has become quite fashionable again, with cowardly politicians deliberately downplaying this plague 's winning the hearts and minds of the homophobic Muslim electorate is more important.     

Jeroen Bult, Tallinn

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