• 2008-01-23
What a great story about Wyman Brent and his work to create the Vilnius Jewish Library ["Making the Vilnius Jewish Library a reality," TBT #588, Jan. 10, 2008]. What can people do to help him make this project a success? It is wonderful to see someone actually doing something to make the world a better place. Thanks to The Baltic Times for publishing this heartwarming article.

Jason Smith, London

[Upon being contacted, Mr. Brent wrote this response:]

I am happy to see that someone thought enough of the idea to write such a positive message. As for what anyone can do, I would ask that you get the word out about the library. The more people who know about the project increases the chances that someone will step forward and sponsor a revival of Jewish culture in Lithuania. What is important to remember is that ultimately this library is designed for all Lithuanians. It is in the best interests of everyone to make this dream reality.

The other thing which I can ask is that books are very necessary and feel free to contact me [] if you feel like doing a book drive or to help in other ways. Thanks to everyone for the interest shown in making the Vilnius Jewish Library reality.

Wyman Brent

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