• 2008-01-16
[Editor's note: Spelling and punctuation have been substantially corrected in this letter for the sake of readability.]

Okay guys, so I've, like, been living in Vilnius for just about a year now and every now and again my friend Paulie rides down from Riga to have a few beers. Every time he comes we always get into the same argument about who is hotter, Vilnius babes or Riga babes.

He's like, "Dude, Vilnius girls are too plain looking," and I'm like, "Dude, no way, they're just natural, not like those flashy, over-made-up Riga skanks."
I also told him about the last time I was in Riga, when I saw so many women who were really tall 's I mean freaky tall. How do they even find clothes for women like that? Do they have special freaky tall shops in all the malls up there?

So later on we were in some strip club in Vilnius and Paulie goes, "The strippers here are way hotter than the ones in Riga." First I thought I'd finally won the debate, but I don't think strippers count. I also told Paulie that, after nine beers, whatever chick is in front of him automatically becomes a babe by beer-goggle default.

I don't remember what he answered because I think he passed out. Or maybe I did.
But anyway, maybe some of your readers want to help us settle this important question.

Jeff Planck, Vilnius

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