• 2008-01-09
  • Leah Schon
As an avid regular reader of the prestigious Baltic News (sic) I read with keen interest "Year in Review 2007" published on Dec 19, 2007.
In this article you refer to the ongoing concern surrounding the construction work taking place on the sacred grounds of the ancient Jewish cemetery in Vilnius.
Quote: "...Apart from the endless negotiations over the new Ignalina nuclear power plant, there was also the question of construction near a Jewish cemetery in Vilnius..."

This does not present the true situation. Development work is being conducted directly atop the 600-year-old Snipiskes cemetery grounds, thereby desecrating the graves and destroying a Jewish heritage site. The objections of the Jewish Communities worldwide, actively supported by several governments (see: http://www.jta.org/cgi-bin/iowa/breaking/105436.html), is therefore highly understandable. I suspect that their voices of concern will continue until the matter is resolved.

I kindly request that you publish a correction, mentioning that the construction is taking place directly upon the grounds of the cemetery.

Leah Schon, UK

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