French Embassy too condemns article about Jews in Latvian magazine

  • 2000-08-17
RIGA (BNS) - The French Embassy in Latvia condemned the article "Jews Rule the World" published in the August edition of Kapitals magazine, the embassy reported to BNS.

"The presidency of the European Union joins the reaction of the Latvian authorities and has no doubts that Latvian court institutions will in shortest possible time, in line with the Latvian law, turn against those who are responsible for the publication," the embassy said in a statement.

The statement also expressed support of EU presidency to all who felt offended by that article. The article previously was condemned by the Israeli and the United States embassies in Latvia.

Kapitals Editor-in-Chief Guntis Rozenbergs resigned from his post due to the publication, which mixed Jewish business accomplishments with Nazi propaganda.

The Latvian Jewish community and council of Jewish congregations submitted a complaint over the article to the Prosecutor General's Office which ordered the Constitution Protection Office, the country's top security agency, to conduct a probe in the case.

The article spoke about the influence of Jews in the world's business as well as on historic aspects. The Jewish community was indignant over the fact that Jews in the article were called in a word they view as offensive and about a caricature picturing an "Orthodox Jew holding the globe in a grasp." The Jewish community believes such a caricature conjures drawings in Nazi-era publications.