Police short of funds to control prostitution

  • 2000-08-17
RIGA (BNS) - The Latvian police are short of funds to perform several functions envisaged by the legislation, including control and restriction of prostitution.

The state police said in a report to the Interior Ministry's senior officials to fulfill functions of the vice squad, envisaged by the law, some 300,000 lats ($490,196) and a staff of 42 is needed. But this year the financing for the squad is lower by a half and the staff comprises just 27 people.

For the extradition of persons from Latvia the police is short of some 113,000 lats.

There is no special staff for escorting detained persons and forced taking them to law enforcement institutions and it is done by staff officers at police stations who are thus taken away from fulfiling their direct responsibilities. There is no special transport for the purpose either.

To perform mandatory alcohol and drug consumption tests, the police needs over 106,000 lats, but to date the financing amounts to just 80,000 lats.

The police also lack funds for ensuring security of all objects envisaged under the respective govern-ment's decision.