Eesti in brief - 2007-11-14

  • 2007-11-14
A 22-year-old Estonian man has been placed in custody after killing three people in a drunk-driving accident in Arhus, Denmark in the early hours of Nov. 9. Preliminary information released by road police said that the Estonian was driving a Citroen at 110 kph in a 60 kph zone when he ran a red light, broadsiding an Opel Astra and instantly killing all three of its passengers. Reports say the driver's blood alcohol level was over the legal limit of 0.5 permilles.

An argument outside a bar in the northeastern city of Kohtla-Jarve during the Nov. 10 weekend ended in a hand grenade blast in which miraculously no one was hurt. The blast went off at a bar in Kalevi Street where a row broke out between two men, according to prosecutor Antti Aitsen. "One of the parties in the conflict, Alexey, 33, carried an (anti-personnel) F-1 grenade, which went off for reasons not yet established," said Aitsen. The suspect is now in police custody.

Yet another operation in which criminals have been pumping bootleg alcohol from Russia into Estonia through a hose underneath the Narva River was discovered and shut down on Nov. 12. The Estonian Border Guard said that Russian customs workers in Ivangorod caught a local man red-handed pumping hundreds of liters of alcohol through the hose. The incident is at least the fourth such operation to be shut down since 2004.