Blind driver behind bars

  • 2007-10-10
  • By Joel Alas
TALLINN - Tartu's infamous serial blind driver has been sentenced to jail for five days and fined 6000 kroons (383.47 euros) for his escapades.
Twenty-year old Kristjan Gradolf shocked police when he was stopped for driving erratically in Tartu on Aug. 5. After being asked to blow into a breath tester, Gradolf responded that he could not see the device because he was blind.

He was caught again committing the same offense on Aug. 11 in the town of Torvandi. Both times he was found to be drunk, and both times he was driving under the direction of friends in the car.
On Oct. 4, the Tartu County Court found Gradolf guilty of violating traffic laws by driving drunk and unlicensed.
He was immediately detained to begin his five-day prison term, and was ordered to pay off his 6000 kroon fine in installments.