Inflation specter refuses to disappear in Estonia

  • 2007-10-03
  • By Mike Collier
TALLINN -- Inflation continues to be a headache for the Estonian economy.

September's figures confirm that hopes inflation is coming under control may have proved to be premature, with the national statistics office revealing that the Consumer Price Index currently stands at 7.2 percent - up 1.1 percent on August's figures.

The main causes behind the rise were increase food and housing costs.

The figures were generally above most expert forecasts, which had predicted a CPI of less that 7 percent.

Meanwhile, manuifacturing growth is also slowing.

In August 2007 compared to July, seasonally adjusted industrialproduction increased 1% in Estonia. Whereas at the beginning of the yearcompared with the corresponding period in the previous year, the totalproduction in industry increased 8's9%, in August the industrialproduction increased 4% in industry as a whole, including 3% inmanufacturing.