• 2007-08-29
  • George Person, Phoenix, AZ
As Estonia searches for monumental moments to memorialize, perhaps they should take notes 's that the field is wide open for powerful suggestions in the world of ideas to turn into crystal ships of a nation's soul.
Monuments to the past are so passe, but monuments to the future, this is where true dreams are built!
....and Estonia has one glorious hero to this cause 's greater than all the Nazis, commies, Estonian SS collaborators, and Soviet Estonian quislings combined 's a true man of the moment who became the spearhead of Estonian contempt, love, folklore and legend. Who can this man be to build a monument to? Who else but Sven Kivisildnik [Estonian poet, born 1963 's Ed.], a living legend, I hope!

Yes, Sven, the poet who was terrorized in a post Soviet Estonian world for speaking his mind, when the pure, clean, little Estonian could do no harm... yes, Estonia's first crime of freedom, the violation of a man's freedom of speech, as the Estonian builds the temple of their suffering to the world they preach ...and to the horrid past they conveniently reach.

The monument should be a young man at a computer using the power of the Internet, showing Estonia the way to rise up in a digital world, as they attempt to wean themselves from Russian oil, rise up as a purely independent state, remembering the great soul of the Estonian people while trying to make the present and the future a better place to live. Yes, a totally different monument should be in place to describe the true spirit of Estonia 's the great monument of Ethnofuturism where Estonia, through the power of their spirit, becomes the center of poetry and culture in the world, looking into the ages for wisdom, while moving forward without hypocrisy ... using the power of the computer and education to become Kuniga Kalev in the modern world.
Let the dead rest in peace. Now it's time to let their poetry be released, as the boy in the forest ventures out to find a spiritual handmaiden to teach him what life is about!

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