Eesti in brief - 2007-08-22

  • 2007-08-22
An elite group of richEstonians who make up only 0.3percent of the population earnseven percent of the nation'stotal income. Tax data shows1,745 people declared an income ofover one million kroons (64,000euros) in 2006. Only two peopledeclared an income of over 50 millionkroons. Meanwhile, 14 percentof all taxpayers earned just 24,000kroons a year, according to datareleased by Statistics Estonia.

Estonia's visa-free agreementshave had an unexpected side effect's an increase in drug trafficking.A record 18 Estonians have beenarrested as cocaine couriers inother nations so far this year. TheCentral Criminal Police told BNS itwas a direct result of the visa-freetravel agreements that Estonianow enjoys with other nations.Previously, about 6 or 7 such caseswere reported annually. This year,seven alleged drug couriers havebeen caught in European airports,while 11 were detained in SouthAmerica.

An Estonian man has beencaught manufacturing counterfeitcopies of clothing items fromthe Tallinn fashion labelMonton in New York. On Aug. 16the Eesti Ekspress newspaper interviewedAndres Sults, who admittedto employing 15 illegalMexican workers in Manhattan toreplicate designs from the Montoncollection and selling them in boutiquesfor hundreds of dollars.Baltika, owner of the Montonlabel, said it was unconcernedabout the counterfeits, and saidthey were glad their label hadattracted attention outside ofEastern Europe.

Recriminations from theBronze Soldier riots continue toflow. On Aug. 21 the Harju CountyCourt sentenced 18-year old DmitriHolostov to four months inprison for looting a kiosk duringthe riots. The court foundHolostov guilty of breaking intothe R-Kiosk on Nunne Street atabout 3 a.m. on April 27. Policewho stopped and searchedHolostov found cigarettes, chewinggum and confectionery in his bag.He was ordered to pay 5,000 kroons(319 euros) in compensation and2,531 in court costs.