Estonia readies for Beckham

  • 2007-06-04
  • Joel Alas

England's hallowed football team will visit Estonia for the first time this Wednesday to play against the hapless Estonian side. Estonians are excited about the game, despite the expected result.

Estonia has seen some illustrious visitors in recent times 's George W. Bush, Queen Elizabeth II and the Japanese monarchy.
But none managed to stir the Estonian people to excitement as much as this week's long-awaited visitor 's David Beckham.

The infamous football star will fly in to Tallinn on Wednesday June 6, along with the rest of England's hallowed football team.

They will face off with the hapless Estonian national team at A Le Coq Arena in front of a sold-out crowd.

The result of the game is a foregone conclusion. Estonia is, after all, ranked 110th in the world, and have failed to win 's or even score a goal 's in any of their Euro 2008 qualifying matches.

Yet England is taking the game seriously. They need to win the game and score three competition points to sustain their dreams of conquering the Euro cup.

Estonia lost to Croatia 0-1 on Saturday night, but put up a determined fight. England's coach Steve McClaren flew to Tallinn specifically to watch the game and assess Estonia's tactics.

Beckham said he was happy to be part of the team traveling to Estonia, and said the team was aiming to win their points to stay in the competition.

Meanwhile, Estonia's captain Mart Poom said the pressure was all on England, who desperately need to win the game.