• 2007-05-02
  • Michael Moyer
We should all praise any and all Estonians who wish to relocate Russian war memorials such as the Bronze Soldier monument in Tallinn. In their zeal to dominate the Baltic states, the militarists of the former Soviet Union worked their strong-arm tactics against the peaceful people of Estonia, Latvia, and Lithuania.

The truth is known to these people and they voice it by expressing their desire to remove the symbols of oppression regardless of the loud barking of those who benefited from the occupiers' handouts.
Tragically those young Russians who gave their lives to defeat National Socialism were the pans of the Stalinists, who would just as soon sacrifice them and millions like them in the quest of their socially impossible nightmare 's communism.
Peace is the true quest. Let the people of these lands seek their own lives and let them build a new future. Bury the bronze, its time to plant for a harvest of peace.


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