• 2007-04-04
  • by Stephan Eberhardt, Riga
In Gary Peach's article "Swedbank," [TBT #546, Vol. 10, March 1 - 7, 2007] he talks about "imminent fears of a lat devaluation." Even more frightening, I believe, and which wasn't elaborated upon, comes later in the article that the Security Police "are examining records from the Constitutional Protection Bureau showing a number of text messages sent via mobile phones."

Is this to say that in Latvia all SMSs are monitored? Well yes, as I understand, and so are all e-mails. The Latvian state is on a regular basis spying on all its citizens and others who send and receive messages. Is this legal in the EU? Doesn't the Security Police or anyone else need a court order for this kind of activity? This sounds like a violation of human rights, of privacy. What does Brussels have to say about it?


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