• 2007-03-21
  • Mike Johnson, Riga
It seems that urinating on Riga's Freedom Monument is now a scheduled activity for British stag parties, complete with posing for photos

How disgusting! It seems like the "boys" haven't learned any of the refined behavior the British ambassador has been trying to serve up. Perhaps the good ambassador is wasting his time and they should provide free "pee bottles" to the "boys" on arrival at Riga Airport.

According to published history, the British have a very long history of peeing in public... [Follows with a quote from "Childhood, Manners & Bodily Func-tions in Elizabethan Lon-don," sourced from].
So does the ambassador think that printing of beer glass coasters and a few scoldings will stop an age old social problem? May I suggest they they get a lot more creative in their prevention techniques and punishment options?

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