• 2007-03-21
  • by Morten Hansen
In this week's issue of The Baltic Times (TBT # 548, March 15 's 21, 2007) Joel Alas writes on the front page: "Confidence in the lat was shaken after a newspaper article by a Danish academic called for a devaluation…."

The newspaper article this refers to appeared in Diena Feb. 10, 2007 but it did NOT call for a devaluation, and I should know since I am that "Danish academic." Instead it warned that current economic development, if not corrected, could end with a devaluation, the prospect being "however remote today."
Mr. Alas is reporting the misreporting of other journalists instead of getting the facts right via reading the original article or via simply asking me, e.g. by email. Not doing so is rather poor journalism, isn't it?

Best regards, Morten Hansen

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