UK tourist urinates in Freedom Monument square

  • 2007-03-21
  • By TBT staff

NOT A TOILET: Another drunk British national has angered Latvians by urinating on Riga's Freedom Monument

A second UK tourist has been caught urinating in Latvia's Freedom Monument square. On March 16 police detained a drunk British national who was seen urinating in the square while his friends took pictures. The 29-year old man was issued with a ticket for hooliganism.

It is not the first time a British tourist has committed such an offence. Latvian media were outraged when a 30-year old British citizen was caught urinating on the Freedom Monument in November 2006. He was fined 810 lats (1,152 euro).

His otherwise minor misdemeanour was considered far more serious because of the significance of the monument to Latvian people.

In response to the acts of hooliganism, the British Embassy in Riga last week launched an information campaign called "Responsible Tourism" that urges British citizens to behave and observe the law.