Fees disagreement grounds passengers at London airport

  • 2000-02-10
VILNIUS (BNS) - A Lithuanian Airlines' Boeing 737-500 with passengers bound for Vilnius was detained at London Heathrow airport Feb. 2 because of the airline's outstanding debts which are argued by the company.

The Eurocontrol service, which charges airlines for navigational services, ordered the detention.

The Lithuanian Airlines deputy director of commerce, Vidas Zvinys, said it became evident at about lunch-time that the figures on payment of navigational charges available to the Eurocontrol service differed from those by the Lithuanian Airlines company.

Zvinys said that in winter time when the number of flights decreases, Eurocontrol is inclined to tolerate outstanding debts for services and, according to the Lithuanian side, the amount of tolerable debts has not been exceeded.

However, the Eurocontrol services argue to the contrary. Twenty one passengers on the flight spent the night in London and planned to return the next day to Vilnius via Copenhagen.