Monumental indignation

  • 2007-02-07
  • by Ingmars, Estonia
Estonian officials are exacerbating hysteria around the Bronze Soldier monument in Tallinn. Clearly, Prime Minister Andrus Ansip (Reform Party) is trying to rehabilitate fascism which allegedly released Estonia from Russian rule. Meanwhile, nationalists are bossing around Parliament, and sooner or later this will adversely affect the entire country. In fact, this discussion over destroying monuments is only the top of the iceberg. Not long ago, the Estonia government decided to rename the day of Estonia's liberation from fascism as Mourning Day! Could you imagine if Poland or France were to call this day by such a name?
No it's not nationalism or patriotism that we're seeing. This is fascism. No one can change my mind that fascists have come to power in Estonia. We have to throttle this plague which grips the nation.


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