Devastating storm bypasses Lithuania

  • 2007-01-19
VILNIUS - The fierce storm that ravaged in some European countries on Thursday [Jan. 18] and Thursday night bypassed Lithuania. Weatherpersons say that the wind in Lithuania got stronger but there was no storm

"Lithuania has escaped most of the storm. In some parts of Lithuania the wind had reached 19 meters per second which means it was dangerous but not elemental," weatherperson Vytautas Sakalauskas told BNS.
According to Sakalauskas, strong winds will not reach Lithuania in the next few days, the weather might be a little stormy only on Sunday.

Vilnius International Airport, the largest in Lithuania, has worked without disruptions.
"The Airport is working as a Swiss clock - all the airplanes are taking off and landing timely," Arunas Marcinkevicius, Vilnius Airport spokesman told BNS.

The navigation in Klaipeda port is also working without disruptions.
Lithuanian Fire and Rescue Department has not recorded any accidents occurred because of adverse weather conditions. On Thursday firemen had to go fix roofs detached by wind twice. Last weekend, when there was a storm in Lithuania, country's firefighters had to eliminate the storm ravages for some 200 times.

In Latvia, strong winds already caused more than $2.4 million in damage to the state property and left thousands of people without electricity. Rescuers evacuated 39 people in the Riga vicinity because of the rising water in the Daugava River. Fortunately no one died.

However, in some European countries the hurricane winds that ravaged on Thursday and Thursday night claimed 29 people's lives and made lots of damage.
The winds that gusted at almost 180 km per hour brought heavy rains into South of Great Britain, Northern France, the Netherlands, Germany, Czech Republic.