• 2007-01-10
  • Andris, Canada
Congratulations to Estonia for its principled decision to equate and condemn the symbols of the two totalitarian regimes 's Nazi and Soviet - that deprived their own citizens of political freedom as well their neighbors.

"Left-wing" totalitarian monstrosities were not morally superior to their "Right-wing" counterparts. Why the present Russian regime cannot reject its monstrous past and cleanse itself the way Germany has is unfathomable. Perhaps it's because Russia never de-Chekized itself the way that Germany de- Nazified itself. Indeed Chekists [their name keeps changing] can be found throughout the present Russian hierarchy, while the Gestapo/SS has been excluded from Germany's. One can find Dzerzhinsky's statue standing proud in Russia, while a statue to Himmler or Schaub would be immediately removed in Germany. Ban the emblems of BOTH!


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