"Estonia - Crossroads of History" expresses Russia's position

  • 2006-12-15
  • By TBT staff
The Russian embassy in Tallinn expressed in the propaganda film "Estonia - Crossroads of History" Russia's principled position on the inadmissibility of revising the outcome of World War II, the embassy said in a statement today.

The embassy said it had at the request of the authors of the film provided data about war graves in Estonian territory and written a foreword to it expressing Russian views.

The embassy expressed displeasure with Estonian reactions to the film.
"As regards the content of the publications concerning the film, it strikes the eye that the critics refer without a shred of proof to the "inaccuracy" of some facts in it, forgetting to express their attitude to the basic issues. Why do discussions of this kind erupt with increasing frequency in Estonia, a country that like Russia paid a tragic price for the defeat of fascism?" the embassy said in the statement.

Estonia seeks obstinately to rewrite history proceeding from current political interests and is creating on the parliamentary level a basis for the removal of a Red Army monument from its present location at Tonismagi in central Tallinn, the embassy said.
Some political forces in Estonia have set out to deepen divisions in the society by handling a blasphemous bill to ban public use of Soviet symbols and put a sign of equation between them and Nazi symbols, the statement said.
"It is regrettable that the position presented in the film which differs from the official standpoint has been hit by inappeasable criticism. At the same time various memoirs of the 'heroic deeds' of Nazi henchmen appearing here are doggedly overlooked," the press service of the embassy said.

The film by the Monument fund titled "Estonia - Crossroads of History," which was released on DVD in Estonia earlier this year, distorts history and seeks to create an impression of Estonia as a pro-Nazi country.