Estonian Eurosceptics get 200,000 kroons

  • 2000-08-10
TALLINN (BNS) - An Estonian committee on Aug. 8 gave a total of 200,000 kroons ($11,600) to three Eurosceptics' associations to finance their projects.

The association Eurodesintegrator, headed by former MP Kalle Kulbok, received 20,000 kroons to renew their Internet Web site and 50,000 kroons to print leaflets and lectures, press adviser of the European Union's information secretariat Paavo Palk said.

The movement "No to the European Union" was assigned 70,000 kroons for the organization of TV talk shows on EU, while the Estonian Green Movement was given 60,000 kroons to cover the printing costs of surveys critical of the EU's environmental policy.

The project competition bought applications for a total of up to 5,034,000 kroons by Eurosceptics' associations.

The allocation of funds was decided by a committee made up of representatives of the European Union's information secretariat, the prime minister's office, the government press office and the Eurointegration office.

Palgi said he did not believe the project competition was a one-off undertaking, and next year, success of the projects would be considered in deciding to whom to allocate the funds. He said next year funds would probably be assigned also to supporters of EU.

The Estonian government has set itself the foreign policy goal to be ready to accede to EU by 2003. The government has promised a referendum would be organized in Estonia before the final decision on accession.