President invites young people to participate in creating a Europe of the Future

  • 2006-11-10
  • By TBT staff
VILNIUS - President of the Republic of Lithuania Valdas Adamkus on Nov. 9 attended the opening of the European Youth Forum General Assembly organized by the Council of Lithuanian Youth Organizations (LiJOT).

The Lithuanian President expressed delight that it was here in Lithuania that the young people of European countries had gathered to discuss issues important to everybody.

Mr. Adamkus recalled another significant international event held in Vilnius at the beginning of this past May 's the International Vilnius Conference. The young participants of the Conference discussed the challenges relating to the creation of a common, democratic and prosperous European neighborhood and a union of democratic nations built on the feeling of community and civic ideals.

"A dynamic and open society and democratic values are of paramount importance to the Europe of today. It therefore gives me great pleasure to see the resolve of the young people to foster these values and willingly engage in the political and public life of our continent," said President Adamkus.

The Lithuanian President emphasized that the youth should take part in building a European partnership based on common values. President believes that the young persons should make their own choice and decision to actively participate in the process of creating a Europe of the future in which they wished to live.

The European Youth Forum General Assembly is the most important and the biggest event of European youth organizations. The Assembly was attended by around 250 participants representing over 90 largest youth organizations in Europe from almost 50 European countries. Decisions taken at the General Assembly will influence the youth policy pursued by the European Union, the Council of Europe and other institutions.