Foreign Minister denies Lithuania spying in Russia

  • 2006-10-31
  • By TBT staff
Lithuanian Foreign Minister Petras Vaitiekunas denied Russian reports that there were spies from his country in Russia, or anyone violating Lithuanian or international laws.

"We are not carrying out such activities," Vaitiekunas said after meeting with President Valdas Adamkus on Oct. 31.
The minister was reacting to reports that people had been detained in Russia for spying for Lithuania.

The Internet-based news portal Delfi cited Russian media on Oct. 31, saying that Russian Petty Officer Vasily Khitryuk, who was recently detained in the Kaliningrad region, was not the only person suspected for spying for Lithuania. Russian media said that Russia had detained two Lithuanians on spying charges before.

Vladimir Nosov of the Russian Federal Security Service said that the two spying cases had been "fully proven" and only the "gentlemanly behavior" of Russian prosecutors prevented them from leaking the information to the press.

One of the alleged spies was identified as a former official of the Defense Ministry's Second Department. However, the department's chief Gintaras Bagdonas has denied employing him at the institution.

Top-ranking Lithuanian officials told BNS that it was possible the expulsion of diplomats from Lithuania on spying accusations may have led to Russia's recent actions.