Earnings of the Baltic List companies

  • 2000-03-23

The total assets of Hansapank stood at 25.66 billion kroons (USD 1.59 bn) at the end of February, as compared to 25.47 billion at the end of January. The bank's loans portfolio increased from 14.15 billion kroons to 14.37 billion kroons during the month. Client deposits totaled 15.45 billion kroons at the end of February, down 60 million kroons for the month. Hansapank's capital adequacy was 19.86 percent at the end of February.

Uhispank's board will propose at its shareholders' regular general meeting on April 7 that dividends not be paid for 1999, the bank reported. The bank will use the net profit earned in 1999 to cover its loss for 1998. The profit of the Uhispank group last year was 100.2 million kroons (USD 6.16 mln). In 1998 the group showed a loss of 383.4 million kroons.


The board of Kalnapilis, one of Lithuania's leading breweries, suggests paying dividends out of the company's 1999 earnings. "We will propose to allot 20 percent of last year's net profit for dividend payments," Kalnapilis General Manager Lionginas Mackevicius told BNS. The company announced a net profit of 10.23 million litas (USD 2.56 mln) on 96.787 million litas turnover for the year 1999.

Kalnapilis, in which the Nordic group Baltic Beverages Holding owns 86.3 percent of shares, expects to hold a general shareholder meeting on March 21. Last year one share with a face value of one litas paid 0.16 litas in dividends.

The council of Vilniaus Bank recommends paying out a total of 9.88 million litas (USD 2.47 mln) in dividends from the bank's 1999 earnings. The proposed size of the dividend payment is 0.64 litas per share with a face value of 10 litas, Vilniaus Bank said in a news release issued late Wednesday.