Laanet: trucks could be registered electronically

  • 2006-08-30
  • From wire reports
TALLINN - Interior Minister Kalle Laanet said the electronic registration of trucks bound to cross the border could be an option to do away with the long lines of vehicles.

Laanet, who visited the Estonian-Russian border in Narva last week, said registration by telephone or over the Internet was one of the possibilities that had been discussed.
"That would put an end to the senseless waiting for days at the transit parking lot in Narva and enable haulers to organize their work more flexibly. This is one of the ideas that have been put forward by now," said Laanet.

In recent days the lines at the border crossing have worsened and drivers' frustrations peaked.
About 150 truck drivers closed the road leading to Narva on Aug. 28. Eduard Dagel, a lawyer of the East-Viru regional trade union center, told the Baltic News Service that it "was a spontaneous act of people who have been standing for days in line, deprived of any conveniences and unable to do their work 's take shipments across the border."
Laanet described the present situation, where trucks are lined up on the side of the road and are blocking streets, as impermissible and dangerous.

Vladimir Mizhui, manager of the Narva municipality's Transservis-N company which runs the parking area for transit vehicles, has previously said he would make a proposal to the Interior Ministry to build a new, larger parking lot outside the city.