Reform Party, Social Democrats to attend presidential candidate meeting

  • 2006-08-08
  • by TBT staff in co-operation with BNS
Estonia's Reform Party and the Social Democratic Party plan on attending a roundtable of parties searching for a common presidential candidate on Aug. 10, despite reports suggesting that the Center Party was planning on signing an agreement with the People's Union.

"The four parties are prepared to reach an accord on either Ene Ergma or Toomas Hendrik Ilves regardless of whether or not the Center Party will take part in the meeting of the roundtable planned for Aug. 10," vice chairman of the Social Democrats Eiki Nestor told BNS.

"Of course we'll take part in the meeting of the roundtable on Thursday," the Reform Party's general secretary Kristen Michal told BNS. "The four parties have taken this roundtable seriously and intend to take the cooperation that has evolved from it seriously also in the future."
Michal said there had already been signs the Center Party was distancing itself from the search for a common presidential candidate.
Tonis Lukas, co-chairman of the Pro Patria and Res Publica Union, told BNS that his party was waiting for the "Center Party."