Out of town: ROCK FESTIVAL 2006

  • 2006-05-17
Ever since Jack Black played for a bunch of preppie brats in "School of Rock," ever since George W. Bush joked with Ozzy Osbourne, ever since Nixon posed with Elvis, rock music has ceased to be dangerous. But, that's okay. Just because it's no longer good for scaring your parents, doesn't mean it isn't fun.

The 10th Valmiera Rock Festival has been going on long enough to become something of an institution. This year, the organizers are bringing in more international acts. The anniversary of the festival will be a turning point in the conception of the event. The accent will put on the international groups in order to expand the space of this music and to promote Valmiera festival. Two stages will welcome different music groups with special guests such as Brothers Grimm (Russia) and The Hobos (Latvia), the DJ tent will entertain the guests all night long and many other surprises are being prepared for rock music fans!

More info: www.valmiera.lv or (+371) 6418755