In brief - 2006-05-10

  • 2006-05-10
Latvian ice-hockey player Sandis Ozolins was arrested for drunk driving in the United States, the online edition of The Journal News reported on May 4. The New York Rangers defenseman was reportedly arrested in White Plains after police stopped him for speeding at 106 kilometers per hour in a 64 kilometer per hour zone.The police said his blood-alcohol level was recorded at .17 percent, more than twice the legal limit of .08 percent.

The Lithuanian Police Department has warned women to watch out for traffickers and pimps on the eve of the FIFA World Cup in Germany, which begins on June 9. According to police, the demand for prostitution increases during international soccer and other sporting events. Thousands of women, mostly from Eastern Europe, were trafficked, sold and forced into prostitution during the 2004 Olympic Games in Athens. New brothels have already been established in Germany, mostly in and near Berlin. Although sexual services have been legalized there, women also fall victim to unlawful behavior. The Lithuanian police have prepared special leaflets with emergency phone numbers for citizens traveling abroad.

Latvia's National Sports Council has given the go ahead for the Latvian Olympic Committee to hold the European Youth Summer Olympics in Riga in 2011. However, the final decision on whether to organize the games will be made by the European Olympic Committee. If Riga fails to win the honor, the Latvian Olympic Committee will ask to host the next Youth Games. Committee spokeswoman Ilze Ake told the Baltic News Service that an opportunity to host the European Youth Olympics would be an honor for Riga, as the week-long event would see athletes from 48 European countries. "It would be a great honor and responsibility for Riga to organize such a sporting event," Ake said. The European Youth Games, for athletes between age 14 and 18.

Latvian National Police spokeswoman Ieva Zvidre told the Baltic New Service that on May 6, the second day of the World Ice-Hockey Championship, 35 people were fined for carrying open alcohol bottles in the streets, and 24 of those were foreign nationals. On top of this, three Irishmen and one Australian national were arrested due to suspected drug use. However, in general the security situation has been described as good, she said. "Fans party and shout, it is absolutely normal," said Zvidre. The World Ice Hockey Championship is being held in Riga.